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Note! All apps are incompatible with 4100ES Ver 6+ job files,

and have been patched to ignore them. Sorry!

4100U/ES Launcher - Two Versions

4100U/ES Launcher is a free tool that makes it easier

for Simplex programmers to work with 4100U/ES's.

(versions 2.5 and 3.0 patched for Network Programmer 2.x)

Legacy version 2.5 (Win7 64 bit compatible)

New Version 3.0 - Check it out! Now Autocall compatible.

JCI Programmer Launcher Official JCI Version - Upgrade Now!

Above links will be disabled soon.

Point Report

Generate 4100U/ES & 4010 reports,

network Where Used reports, CC replicator, etc.

eOmega Paging Software - No longer available for sale.

Registered users may re-download software .